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This year, the Zsolnay Light Festival and the Hungarian Juggling Association will be reunited with the Hungarian Juggling Convention within the framework of the Light Festival in Pécs.
After last year's introduction, we jump to a new level, the meeting becomes an integral part of the festival. Professional background work begins on Thursday, but the public programs will be visible in the weekend.
In our international competition called ZSOLNAY STREET ARTIST, with the Hungarian Juggling Association five productions will be selected for the official program of the festival, the best performance selected by the audience will receive a prize of 3000 euros.
You will meet other participants of the Convention many times during the festival, every day a Juggling Playhouse will be waiting for you. On the last day of the festival, participants of the meeting will give a gala at Széchenyi Square. 


16th Hungarian Juggling Convention 28.06.2018-1.07.2018.

Theconvention is organized this year for the 16th time by the Hungarian Juggling Association, based on other, similar foreign/international events. Over the years, it has become a nationwide event, because of the unusual atmosphere and the community-like nature of the event where both beginners and professional acrobatics are welcome from abroad. Over the past 15 years it becomean event that is open to both jugglers coming from the traditional circus world and jugglers representing any alternatives.

The aim of the meeting is to provide a regular event for participants of the Hungarian circus world and for all those interested in exchanging experiences and getting acquainted with each other, which motivates and enthuses the participants. Introducing opportunities for instructors and practice sites, high-quality Hungarian and foreign performers with their productions and professions can open new perspectives for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

More details of the Convention is coming soon, for any questions write to