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The transition between classical compositions and electronic music has never been so dynamic and lively. The first recordings of the genuinely diverse musician was issued by the British Ninja Tune publisher. Her new composition, Melanfonie, which is the result of four years of work, is balancing on the promising borderline of genres.

In this project, Emika returned to her classical music roots and, combining it with her electronic music experience, she composed her own symphony. The unusual approach of classical music makes Melanfolie a dynamic yet captivating work. From the moments of tense beauty, with dramatic and gently sinister passages, she wrapped up a coherent audio narrative with her sophisticated shimmering voice that perfectly interprets the tempting, emotional style that Emika brought to life.

The performances of MÁV Symphonic Orchestra are held in the most prestigious concert halls of the country, such as the MüPa (Palace of Arts) or the Budapest Academy of Music. The orchestra is now considered one of the leading professional music bands in Hungary. Their repertoire ranges from Baroque music to modern, contemporary works. Its concerts are attended by more than 50,000 a year, but through the regular radio and television shows, the number of their audience is much higher.

 Zsolt László Bordos The 3D artist living in Budapest, has become the pioneer of the genre with his early 3D-VJ works and huge building projections and 3D mapping projects. His projects whereby ha have been collaborating with other artists since 2010 have been known as Bordos.Artworks and Invited Artists, which have become internationally renowned representatives of video mapping / 3D mapping. He has been focusing on his own projects since 2014, which are mainly installations or projected sceneries of theatres and operas.


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