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Carnival of Light

Sétatér / Dóm square Szent István square to Széchenyi squareJun. 30.(Friday) 21:50

With the aim of starting a tradition, we are launching the Carnival of Light in so that you coul be an active participant in the Festival of Light experience. Make glittering costumes, ornaments, or any glittering miracle you like! We will help you in the preparations and we will show you how easy it is to become a source of light with some everyday tools, some skills and a few new tricks. With the joyful and loud procession of the Light Carnival, we are parading with the participants of the Festival along the most important stations of the Route of Light, switch on the first lights, then join the whirl of the festival. You should not get rid of your glamorous decorations and you will see that the experience of light will be even more exciting.